Beyond the streets and buildings that now bear the name Brickell is the rich and storied history of William and Mary Brickell who founded the cities of Miami and Fort Lauderdale with Julia Tuttle and Henry Flagler. Hollywood writer, producer, and director Beth Brickell reveals the history of this dynamic couple from William’s early years in Ohio, adventures in the California and Australian gold rushes, marriage to Mary in Australia, their clashes with Flagler and John D. Rockefeller in Cleveland during the robber baron days of the oil industry, and eventual settlement in the wilderness of South Florida. This never-before-told story reveals both triumph and suffering as these two pioneers braved a Florida wilderness to help create two of the Sunshine State’s most glamorous cities.


"Beth Brickell has gone where no one else has been before. She has written a compelling account of the Brickells, early Miami’s most important family."

-DR. PAUL S. GEORGE, Professor of history, Miami-Dade College, Historian to the Historical Assn. of Southern Florida


"Beth Brickell has written a fascinating chronology of the life of two south Florida pioneers too often overlooked, Mary and William Brickell."

-DR. JOE KNETSCH, state historian, Tallahassee


"Thanks to Beth Brickell’s diligent work, the whole story of the ‘founding parents’ of Miami and Fort Lauderdale can finally be told."

-PATRICK SCOTT, Attorney/Historian, Fort Lauderdale


"Beth Brickell’s new book on the Brickell family in Miami is both breathtaking and explosive, for in this book Ms. Brickell puts to rest a number of 'Miami Myths'. Her superb book is the work of one who was obsessed not only with facts but with truth."

-SETH BRAMSON, Adjunct Professor of history, Florida International University, Miami