Solving the Maud Crawford Puzzle

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The fourth and last book of Beth Brickell's series of books exploring what happened to Camden community leader Maud Crawford answers all of the critical questions raised by Arkansas' most notorious disappearance case:

What happened to Maud Crawford?

Did she leave Camden of her own accord?

Did the Mafia kidnap her to intimidate Sen. John McClellan?

Did her husband do away with her?

Who had a motive to murder her?

How did they get her out of the house?

Why wasn't her vicious guard dog a help to her?

What car was used for the abduction?

Who actually killed her?

How was she killed?

Did they bury her in the Safeway parking lot?

Was there a better hiding place for a body?

Why didn't the police solve the case?

Why didn't the FBI enter the case?




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